Mgr. Julius Yeshu Cieck: The 'Driving power' behind the Hidden Pearl

Taking in account the many books published by Mgr. Julius Yeshu Cicek, it is known to everybody that His Grace had a penchant to Aramaic literature on cultural as well as on religious field. However, the showpiece where His Grace was very much proud of it was the Multimedia project: The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage of the Syrian Orthodox Church.


He was the main initiators and the ,,Driving Power” behind the realisation of the Hidden Pearl. Without his decisive effort, most probably the project would not have been finished.


At decisive moments many of his college bishops gave up and left him in the lurch. However, he didn’t let demoralize himselves, for he knew the importance of the project and took as only one together with Mgr. Evgin Kaplan ( who later left him in lurch and caused many problems) – the responsibility to continue the project. Needless to say, however he was a ‘heavyweight’ in the whole process. Sadly enough, the people always have been blind for this!


The Hidden Pearl deals with 3000 years Aramean language; Aramean culture, Aramean history, Aramean religion and is in finished in 2001. A renown team of scientists under the supervision of the British professor Sebastian Brock have finished a scientific masterpiece. The Multimedia project consist of 3 videotapes and 3 encyclopaedia and charts structurally the complete Aramean history. The multimedia project can serve as a source of information for those who are interested in the culture, religion and history of one of oldest Semitic peoples of the Middle-east who are present since thousands of years in Mesopotamia and since second half of the 20th a significant part has been emigrated to the west.