Saturday: 5-11-2005 The Funeral of Grace Mgr. J. Y. Cicek

Approximately 15.000 people attended Saturday 5-11-2005 the Funeral of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek. A big tents outside the Mary Church were setup containing a big television screen where from the people could watch the funeral Service.

Paying respect to His grace- Thursday - Friday

As from Thursday 3-11 and Friday 4-11 from 14.00 h to 20.00 h our people was given the opportunity to pay last respect to His Grace. Mgr. J. Y. Cicek was laid in a box where people paid respect. Thousands of faithful used this opportunity .

Saturday 5-11-2005: Funeral Service

Before the funeral service; His Grace was carried on chair and moved on specific path so that people could pay last respect 

Many bishops as well as invited guests have read the Bible or a prayer


The Patriarch of Antioch reads the Holy Bible

Mgr. GREGORIOS YUHANNA IBRAHIM of Aleppo reads a prayer, he was also responsible for the service

Mgr. TIMOTHEOS SAMUEL AKTAS of Tur Abdin reads a prayer

Mgr. FILIKSINOS YUSUF Cetin of Istanbul reads a prayer



Cardinal Simonis of the Catholic Church in Holland reads the Holy Bible

Representative of the Armenian orthodox Church reads the Holy Bible

Representative of the Coptic Orthodox Church reads the Holy Bible.

Representative of the Protestant community reads the Holy Bible

Mgr. George Saliba of Lebanon reads the Holy Bible

Mgr. GREGORIOS YUHANNA IBRAHIM of Aleppo reads again a prayer,

Mgr. JULIUS ABDULAHAD G. SHABO reads a prayer

Mgr. Aphrem Karim of the Eastern United States reads a prayer

Mgr. SEVERIOS MALKE MOURAD reads a prayer

Mgr. SILWANOS PETRUS ISSA AL-NI'MEH of Homs reads a prayer

Mgr. Elia Bahe, secretary of the Patriarch reads a prayer

Mgr. Saverius Hawa of Baghdad reads a prayer

People inside the Church and outside the Church watched very faithful to the ceremony.



After the service; speeches were given by our patriarch, cardinal Simonis of Catholic Church, the Ambassador of Syria and the mayor of the municipality of Losser on behalf of the Dutch Government. 

Patriarch Zekka gives a speech after the service

On behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Simonis gives a very spiritual speech.


Ambassador of Syria, gives a speech on belhalf of the Goverment of Syria

Jan Westendorp, the Major of Municipality of Losser give a speech on behalf of Dutch government

People inside the Church paying the last respect 

Preparation to bring His Grace to the Mausoleum; his last resting-place


Family and relatives in Mausoleum...... 



His Grace will be placed near Mgr. Ilias Cankay and Jesuh Samuel.

Preparations, prayers in the Mausoleum, to welcome His Grace and place him in His last resting-place



His Grace was carried by six monks to bring him to the Mausoleum

Emotions......... of faithful.........................

Clergy put His grace in the sitting position with his face orientated to the east

His Grace is now set  on His last resting-place with His face to the east




You are earth and you will return to earth

All the clergy and other people in the Mausoleum took a peace of earth and spread on the resting-place of His Grace as a symbol of ,, You are earth and you will return to earth'

Closing the tomb........